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Guacamole Recipe(s) – Debuting our newest blend!

Simple or complex, guacamole is always good. And now, you can dash in some of our guacamole spice blend and elevate it to the irresistible status it deserves. Beware. I literally couldn't stop eating it. Inspired by a friend who insisted this was a must make blend, I did a little research, spent too much… Continue reading Guacamole Recipe(s) – Debuting our newest blend!

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Creating the Little Woods Space: New Paintings by Kristin M Roach

Our physical store is more than a tea shop, it's a place to explore, to inspire curiosity in plants (tea in particular), and a place of calm wonder. And it is with great pleasure that five years after opening I've finally added the next piece to the experience, a series of botanical paintings of threatened native plants.