Brewing: Coffee Cherry Tea (aka Cascara)


This is some exciting news. We’ve partnered with Coffee Flour™ to bring their new Coffee Cherry Tea to the US online retail market place. In addition to selling Coffee Cherry Tea online, we are developing a new line of herbal tea blends featuring this unique ingredient. Our first two are debuting this Friday.

We’ve decided to show you everything we’ve learned about Coffee Cherry Tea this week. How to brew it, what it is, why it’s awesome. And of course, have a sale. Coffee Cherry Tea is 20% off now through the weekend.


So first things first. What is it?

Coffee Cherry Tea is tea cut cascara, the fruit and skin of the coffee cherry, but no bean. Unlike all the other cascara we’ve sampled (thanks to our neighbor Morning Bell Coffee Roaster), Coffee Cherry Tea is handled with care during the entire process. No funk. No mold. No, ummm, floor sweepings. Completely food safe. It’s bright and tart. Notes of cherry. A touch of coffee on the finish. It’s flavor straddles coffee and a rooibos with a touch of hibiscus. There’s a little caffeine, less than roasted coffee by the brewed cup.

Brewing Coffee Cherry Tea

Immediately we started experimenting with it. We found it does better brewed like tea than coffee. Thursday we’ll be showing you all our experiments – like pulling shots, pour over, aeropress brewing, and making it into simple syrups.

We wanted to figure out the best steeping ratio, tea:water:heat:time. We sampled it around to a few regulars and our staff. It was a fun impromptu tasting and we captured the final round for the timing.

For at home, we found the french press is best… but we always say that. It’s our favorite type of brewing vessel! Completely bias.

In a french press: 8-9g for a 12oz french press = 1 heaping Tablespoon

In a tea ball: 5-6g (1 heaping teaspoon) for a 8-10oz mug

In a tea pot: 1 heaping teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot

Steep Time: 4-6 minutes

Water Temperature: 205 – 212F


It holds up to cream well and is divine with a little honey.

Up next, why we love it — other than just it’s flavor — a sneak peek into the ethics behind this new brew!

Until Next Time

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