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Tea Debut: Oasis & Cerise Citron

On Friday in the shop, we stocked the shelves with our two newest blends. Andrea and I were both smitten with coffee cherry tea and quickly envisioned blends that would play off its earthy cherry notes.


Oasis is a delicious combination of coffee cherry tea (cascara) by coffee flour, coconut flakes, elder berries, and indian sarsaparilla. The elder berries add a depth of flavor and round out the bright cherry note. When hot, the steamy scent of the coconut flakes carry you into the tea and lingers on the tongue. The sarsaparilla lends a creamy vanilla quality to the entire mouth feel. It’s a warming cup of tea that take cream and sugar well or stands alone with ease.



Cerise Citron, “lemon cherry” en francais, was inspired by the tart side of the coffee cherry tea. A fresh lemongrass scent is layered with lemon balm and sumac – a surprising citrus flavor. The brewed cup ends with a twist of spices and non-traditional tea botanicals like galangal root and pink peppercorns. Not spicy, just a touch to open all the flavors. We love it iced and cold brewed with nitro on tap.


The first batch of both blends are small lots, but we’ve ordered in ingredients to blend more and have it on the blending schedule for late next week. If we run out, we’ll take back orders with everything shipping on the 20th. First come first serve for the time being. If you are local and aren’t sure when you can make it in and want to reserve some, order online and select local pick up.

And remember, now through Sunday night, Coffee Cherry Tea, Cerise Citron, and Oasis are all on sale, 20% off.

Until next time




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