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Debuting Little Woods Tea Catering

Little Woods is happy to announce the official launch of Little Woods Catering! We are now taking orders and reservations for brewed tea service for all sized groups and events. Whether you want to indulge your next book club, delight your baby shower guests, or thrill your wedding party of 100 with tea from Little Woods, we’ve got you covered. Our main goal is to provide every guest with a delicious cup of tea.

Tea Catering Pick Up Menu

Little Woods Catering Servings Price Cups Addon
Insulated Tea Carafe
1.25 liters / 42oz
5-6 servings $12.50 $3 add on
Insulted Airpot
3 liters / 100 oz
10-12 servings $20.00 $5 add on
Insulated Dispenser
5 gallons/ 640oz
80-90 servings $85.00 $20 add on
Milk, sweetener & stirs
(dairy or dairy free)
quart $4.00
Honey Bear $5.50
Snack Cups $1/per serving — choose from your shop favorites:
Nori Maki, Stam Oublies, Chocolate Covered Ginger, Chocolate Covered Lemon Peel, Sea Salt Chocolate Almonds & Apricot


Note: special pricing applies for premium teas (aka Silver needle, pu’erh, Dark ‘n’ Lush, etc). Please note which premium tea you are interested in and we will send you a quote.

Be green! Please note: to reduce waste, we do not offer disposable tea boxes. All tea is brewed into reusable insulated servers. We also encourage our tea customers to use their own mugs whenever possible instead of paper cups.

Tea Catering Request Form

Please fill out our catering form to tell us about your tea catering needs, and we will get back to you soon to coordinate your service. Thank you for supporting your local artisan tea shop!

Pickup and drop off only, and a refundable deposit for supplies will apply. To inquire on availability, please fill out the form above. If you’re looking for a next-day pickup, the best way to reach a Little Woods is to call them directly at 515-233-3838.

Catering cancellation policy: Unless otherwise communicated, confirmed catering orders will be charged the full service fee if not canceled at least 48 hours before the event. Beyond that, orders canceled within 5 business days will be charged 50%, at least 5 business days notice is required for a full refund.

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