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Little Woods’ Shop Third Anniversary

Three years. Wow. That’s first big milestone right? We are so excited to be celebrating Little Woods’ third birthday. Join us on Saturday, April 27th from 3-5pm (details below).

from our two year anniversary in 2018

Not everyone knows this, but Jason and I have dreamed of owning a tea shop on “a main street like the one in Ames” since we were 21 years old. That was the year he brought me back a suitcase of tea from China and we had that “wouldn’t that be neat” someday-maybe-chat. We joked it was our “retirement plan”. Well, I guess I’m retired, ha!

Here’s a fun look at our shop pre-remodel. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this photo.

2016-01-31 16.22.43
BEFORE – One of our first days after signing the lease before we started to remodel. Oh that red brick wall, took about 5 coats of paint after priming it. And Jason single handedly took up that floor and laid our new one. That’s Andrea Mauton by the door with Lucy (Jason and I’s daughter, aged 2) and her son Kryztof (aged 3). The kids have literally grown up at the shop.




This was the mock up I made in photoshop of what our signage might look like. I think I made about 20 versions before I settled on this font/layout at about 2am and sent it off to the printers.

We blitz DIY’d our way through remodeling the space, plumbing was the only thing we hired out. A friend came and helped me build the tea bar by converting the counters we purchased from the previous renter (her husband custom built them for her). Within two months of renting the space we opened. At the time it seemed like forever, but now I know that’s a crazy short turn around for opening a brand new from scratch business.

Some highlights from the last three years.

So, what’s the new thing we are adding this year? It’s been something that’s been in the works since last fall… new packaging for all our blends! We are so excited to have partnered up with Rippke Design in developing new labels for our teas! They are stunning and highlight the quality blends contained within.


Little Woods’ Birthday Party

  • Saturday, April 27th, 2019
  • All day, but tea treats and games from 3-5pm
  • 136 Main Street, Ames, Iowa

Starting at 9am

  • First 20 people to visit the shop will get a free sample of bulk Spring Equinox.
  • Secret prizes based on a super secret list (aka first person to buy a tea latte will get a sample size of bulk chai to take home)
  • Tea samples of the original 8 teas we debuted at the farmer’s market
  • 20% off the original eight Little Woods Blends

From 3-5pm

  • Meet the Little Woods family
  • First 20 people to visit the shop will get a free sample of bulk Spring Equinox.
  • Complimentary tea treats to enjoy with your tea.
  • 4pm: First annual Tea & Little Woods Triva!

See you soon!

1 thought on “Little Woods’ Shop Third Anniversary”

  1. Nice to find you and look forward to my first order. Partial to Iowa as my dad of 93 years was born and raised there. Yes, he’s still kicking.


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