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Refreshing Summer Tea Blends

There is nothing quite like iced tea to refresh your body during the hottest of summer months. But don’t let yourself be limited to just tea. We’ve found many botanicals that are naturally caffeine free, delicious, and can be enjoyed as iced tea or made into a simple syrup and served like an italian soda.


When thinking about what makes a good iced brew, think about tart and refreshing flavors – like lemonade. We love our Bright Eyes collection of teas for just that reason. You can get it with Black Tea, Yerba Mate, or as just the straight Herbal BlendCerise Citron is our Coffee Cherry Tea Lemongrass Blend. Lemongrass just by itself is also one of my favorite summer drinks. Sometimes simple is the perfect thing.

Straight Hibiscus makes an amazing cold brew beverage and the color is a complete show stopper. There are several restaurants in town that have been using our hibiscus to make a simple syrup for cocktails and mocktails. An excellent idea that opens up a ton of options. Don’t be afraid to use tea blends for a simple syrup. Many delish cocktails have been made with our Namaste blend.


Mint tea is another summer classic. Mint is fun because if I drink it hot, it will actually make me sweat, but served ice, I’m instantly cold as a cucumber. Which brings another great point. Adding slices of cucumber, lemon, or sprigs of basil or mints from the garden can bring another wonderful diamention to your summer drink selection.

I love our Eloise Mint or Moroccan Mint Green Tea with a sprig of chocolate mint in it. It’s a fun variety I grow every year in my garden here in Iowa.

For all our summer tea and botancial brew favorites, visit our online store. We ship quick, daily, and shipping is free for any order over $50.

Not sure how to make iced tea out of loose leaf tea? Download our printable that shows you all the tips and tricks we’ve come up with serving iced tea at the tea bar.


Until Next Time!
Kristin M Roach

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