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March Tea Passport Subscription Preview

March Tea Passport Box

This collection is everything you need to welcome in Spring. Saturday, March 20 is the Spring Equinox and brings with it the promise of warmer days, green things, and time outside in the sun. Here in Iowa we’ve been cooped up all winter, eating heavy foods, and maybe endulging in a bit too much of everything we tend to endulge in.

Bright Eyes Black Tea – Lovely iced or hot and a fresh citrus pop to wake you up and energize your body.

Spring Equiox Green Tea – a fusion of a traditional herbalist spring tonic with our sencha.

Mint Tonic – another traditional herbalist spring/summer tonic. Drink daily for the lovely favor, enjoy the nurishing nature of nettles.

What are people are saying about the Tea Subscription?

I love all the cozy touches to this box. I’m so looking forward to this monthly treat.

Emily Crawford-Margison Sep 8, 2020 | 5 out of 5 stars    

Perfect Gift for any occasion.

ashleymrieves1 Jan 19, 2021 | 5 out of 5 stars 

About the Little Woods Tea Passport Subscription

Each month three teas (about 8-10 cups of each) are selected by the blending team at Little Woods to match the seasons. A hand-crafted tea passport accompanies your very first box welcoming you on your journey with new pages to add each month. You’ll learn the origin of the blend, how to brew it, caffeine level, and a space for your tasting notes.

  • Bonus samples in each box of our other spice blends and single origin teas
  • We never repeat a tea within the same year.
  • Guaranteed one caffeine free option each month for evening sips.
  • Hand-crafted passport included with first box and additional pages to add each month.
  • All natural artisan tea and tisane blends with no oils, additives, or fillers.