Brewing: Coffee Cherry Tea (aka Cascara)

This is some exciting news. We've partnered with Coffee Flour™ to bring their new Coffee Cherry Tea to the US online retail market place. In addition to selling Coffee Cherry Tea online, we are developing a new line of herbal tea blends featuring this unique ingredient. Our first two are debuting this Friday. We've decided to… Continue reading Brewing: Coffee Cherry Tea (aka Cascara)

wild crafting

Wildcrafting: Elder Flowers

Historical lore abounds in regards to the lovely elder tree. Plentiful across Iowa both wild and cultivated it’s been featured in fairy tales, magic making, and herbal remedies going back to the stone age. Sweetly scented and pleasant with honey, it’s considered an herbal ally for children and adults alike. Elder flowers make a delicious… Continue reading Wildcrafting: Elder Flowers

Book Review, Recipes

Recipe: Holy Basil Pesto

 For book club this month I read Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes, which was a pretty interested read. According to the authors, the three things that are key in an herb being considered an "adaptogen" is that it is 1) Tonic - can be taken daily long… Continue reading Recipe: Holy Basil Pesto

Book Review

Book review: The Ayurveda Way

Each month at the Little Woods' shop we host an herbal book club (every 3rd Thursday from noon - 1pm except holidays). We selected this book a few months back for summer knowing our lives would be full of travel and outdoor time. It's digest format was perfect. She starts with her own story, her… Continue reading Book review: The Ayurveda Way